Far Out West is a quartet from Portland, OR that blends rock, funk, and Americana into seamless and poignant instrumental improvisations to create a one-of-a-kind sound. Their uplifting original songs feature powerful vocals and strong arrangements, giving their jams a solid platform from which to launch and evolve.

Far Out West's love of performing is always apparent through the crowd's consistent response, bouncing along to the band's infectious and high-spirited grooves. Their energy and love for music is palpably delightful, and their in-the-pocket, virtuosic playing intrigues party animals and discerning listeners alike. The band has played notable events like Northwest String Summit, 4 Peaks Music Festival, Beltane Music Festival, Schweitzer Mountain’s Fall Fest, Juniper Jam, and Oregon Brewer’s Festival, and has been featured alongside notable artists like Becca Stevens, Jeff Austin Band, Dirty Revival, World’s Finest, and Jelly Bread.